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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Land of the Pharoahs

Just back from a seven day blast around Egypt with the usual suspects... what a trip!

The target species were all seen, well, and the padders made for just fantastic birding!

For me, the highlight was reaching 800 species for the Western Pal (IOC) and Graeme matching me within 24 hours.  After 25 years of such trips both together and separate, it was wonderful for us to crack such a milestone more or less simultaneously.  Still a target less than ten people have achieved.  Special birds too.  For me, Three-banded Plover at Tut Amon - Graeme with African Mourning Dove at Abu Simbel....

My other two targets were Goliath Heron and African Skimmer - neither of which I really expected to see but both were found.  The Heron was tricky but a full day searching the mangroves at Lahami and then Hamata eventually paid off and the Skimmer was found on our second day at Abu Simbel - taking a boat to "Bay 2" just north of the airport was the key to finding it - as well as good numbers of all the Abu Simbel specialities.

Highlight of the 'padders' were probably the half dozen Egyptian Nightjars we had great views of and this Pharoah Eagle Owl........ an absolute stunner!

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